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Darb El Hajal – The Partridge Trail

Darb El Hajal or Partridge Trail it’s a new trail in Jbaa village in Al Chouf district which is located on the top of mount Barouk –Niha at an altitude of 1200 m and 59 Km away from Beirut.

The name was originated from Canaanite word JBAA meaning Hil or Highland.

The trail begins from the entrance of the reserve (Its part of Al Chouf reserve) at Ain El Chaashou3, going up to reach the top of the mountain going through perennial oak and juniper forests, hence the name of the trail it overlooks the Bekaa valley and Qaraoun lake and on the other side Niha Mristi and Jbaa.

Location: Jbaa Al Chouf

Level: Easy to moderate

Length: 7km

Slope: 7.7% to 9.1%

Time: 2.5 hours