Dive into a world where swimming meets sustainability!

Welcome to “Lotus ” a captivating bungalow nestled alongside the enchanting beauty of an organic pool. Just as the lotus flower rises above the water’s depths, this serene retreat offers you a place to rejuvenate and find inner harmony. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of your surroundings, where the gentle rustle of leaves and the shimmering reflections on the pool’s surface create a symphony of serenity. Experience the timeless elegance and spiritual essence that the lotus represents, embodied in every corner of your bungalow.

You are given the chance to dive into a world where swimming meets sustainability!

This is what you’ll find at Ethos organic pool! Imagine a serene oasis where crystal-clear water shimmers under the sun, all without the harsh chemicals of traditional pools. Picture a harmonious blend of aquatic beauty and eco-conscious design, where nature itself helps purify the water you swim in. This is the magic of organic pools, where natural processes, lush plant life, and ingenious filtration create a refreshing haven for both you and the environment.

Some people might feel a sense of tranquility, connection to nature, or a spiritual presence when they experience the natural beauty of an organic pool. This connection with nature and the serenity of such environments can evoke various emotions and feelings, which may be described as a spiritual experience.

Here at Ethos, we’ve woven a spiritual connection into our bungalows, fostering a sense of harmony and serenity. Our bungalows are designed to not only provide comfort but also to nurture a deeper connection with oneself and the natural surroundings.

We believe that an eco-friendly lifestyle is not just about sustainability, but also about fostering a profound connection with the universe and finding solace within the embrace of nature.

Ethos gives you the opportunity to have a swim like never before in water that’s gentle on your skin and revitalizing for your senses. Welcome to a sustainable aquatic paradise that’s as stunning as it is kind to the environment.

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